Over the past few years, I have been blessed with opportunities to travel both domestically and abroad. These experiences have been a catalyst in widening my perspective of the world as well as developing my personal skills as an artist and photographer.

Photojournalism has always captivated my interest, but the "normalcy" of Indiana never seemed to inspire me. Toward the end of high school, I traveled overseas for the first time. I don't think I went down a single Italian street without stopping to take a photo of something. Since then, I have taken numerous trips, including four mission trips to Haiti, and perhaps most notably, living in Madrid for six months while studying Spanish language and culture. 

It would take a novel to detail everything I have learned through my travels, but I think the photos will speak for themselves. I believe there is an art to creating images that invoke emotion or tell stories. That is always my aim: to create photos that are not looked at, but seen.